Audio cassette in teaching environmental education

The new Secretary of State, Michael Stewart, announced that 'It is the government's policy to reorganise secondary education on comprehensive lines.

Audio cassette in teaching environmental education

Language reflects culture and defines the identity of people. Students who study an Aboriginal language, including non-aboriginal students, will develop an understanding and gain appreciation of Aboriginal cultures.

It will also enable students to gain a better understanding of language and language learning in general. Reading and writing skills are introduced later to reinforce listening and speaking.

Learning a second language promotes the ability to listen critically, to analyze, to reconstruct and to apply acquired knowledge to new situations, thus enhancing the development of problem-solving skills. When properly taught, it is the most effective medium by which one can acquire sensitivity to language.

This in turn leads to an appreciation of the unique richness and unique limitations of one's own language.

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Once a second language is learned, other languages are more accessible and more easily mastered. New equipment, larger space and computers were required. A lot of material has been developed over the years.

At that time, there were seven people working on Cree Language and Culture curriculum development. Inthe Curriculum Resource Unit closed. Cree Language Programs at each school continued to operate. InCurriculum Resource Unit was re-established with one employee hired. That year, a half-time materials developer technician was hired to assist the Cree Language and Culture Consultant.

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New resources were under development with assistance from Northern Cree Language Retention Committee formed in InChief and Council passed a resolution to adopt the Standard Roman Orthography in Woodland Cree and continue with the same syllabic writing system.

Northern Lights School Division No.

Audio cassette in teaching environmental education

In the ensuing years from toforty-three teacher aides were hired which led to the offering of a training program implemented by Myra Punnett through the auspices of the Northern School Board. Inwith the creation of interest in promoting Aboriginal languages, the Academic Education Branch and the Northern School Board collaborated in the hiring of Keith Goulet, as a Cree Language Consultant, along with four Native language instructors.


Saskatchewan Education inpublished the 'Directions Report' a document, which led to the establishment of an Indian and Metis Advisory Committee creating, renewed interest in Aboriginal languages.

Through the committee, a document titled 'Rationale for the Teaching of Indian Languages in Saskatchewan Schools' presented a number of recommendations in regards to Aboriginal language programs and curriculum development. Ina Task Force Project, which is now the Northern Student Retention Program, first enabled Cree and Dene workshops to be held in the revitalization and retention of Aboriginal languages.

In tothe Aboriginal Languages Project was initiated by Earl Cook, who became the Indian and Metis Education Consultant, followed with the hiring of Telsa Custer, as a materials developer in the next year. In the ensuing years, Northern Lights School Division has employed a number of qualified Cree and Dene First Nations and Metis educators who applied themselves well with the challenge of creating Aboriginal language materials.

The Board of the Northern Lights School Division continues to sustain the Aboriginal languages project through the provision of essential supportive components.

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The children were very fluent at the time when this program started. In the mid 80's it was noticed that the students were starting to lose their language. The Cree program was successful for the first few years until new technology came into the community.

Audio cassette in teaching environmental education

It was then that the students started to lose their language very fast. The plan is to add one grade every year for the students to acquire the Cree language.

History of Metis and Michif Language Resource Development and Programming Saskatchewan Learning recognizes that educational programs and teaching strategies must also meet the needs of the Metis people.

The Metis people are historically a unique people. The word "Metis" means "mixed" in the French language. They are descendants of European traders and First Nations. Metis people have their own legal aboriginal status in Canada.

The Metis live in every province in Canada, not all of them have the same ancestry, or much less the same historical background.The sociology of education.

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As noted in the previous chapter, there had been a number of reasons for the growing dissatisfaction with selective secondary education - not least, the discrediting of the theory of innate intelligence on which it was based.

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environment, librarians justifiably include audio cassettes as part of their 21st-century literacy mission. Collaboration by librarians and teachers in integrating audio cassette experiences into critical reading and writing instruction can .

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