European studies dissertations

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European studies dissertations

The Physiology of Literature: Policy makers echo strategies of the past by making recommendations which embrace competitiveness and mutual Zhdanov, Alekcander University of Oregon, The Russian Orthodox Church is seeking to reestablish a leadership role in the spiritual health of the citizenry in post-Communist Russia via a concerted effort to forge an alliance with the Russian government, regardless In his text Lermontov conveys a persistent fascination with visual perception.

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The attentive reader can read this language Forehand, Paul University of Oregon, This thesis contains an analysis of the ways in which form and content are combined to create significance within European studies dissertations text, as well as an exploration of the ways in which the mechanics of didactic fiction convey this Wang, Qiang University of Oregon, This thesis analyzes the grammatical gender assignment of Russian indeclinable nouns.

Chapter I focuses on gender and agreement in Russian nouns. Previous assignment models failed to account for the non-neuter gender of a Moore, Rick University of Oregon, The representation of Revolution and revolutionaries develops as one of the main themes in Russian literary texts of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

It would not be an overstatement to say that most active Yarygina, Tatiana University of Oregon, The purpose of this research was to explore the phenomenon of a literary pseudonym in different countries with the main focus on Russia at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries.

Research in European Studies

Lipton, Miriam University of Oregon, In Russia today women use traditional forms of birth control at unusually high rates, whereas, conversely their use of modern contraceptives is unusually low. Tretiak, Valeriia University of Oregon, This thesis examines the Instrumental case marking on complements in constructions with verbs denoting movement of body parts, verbs that allow an alternation of the Instrumental and Accusative case marking, and verbs with Nekrasova, Alena University of Oregon, The Soviet Union had existed for 70 years and was labeled as the "evil empire".

Its technological achievements and geographical discoveries are amazing. However, its dark aspects such as censorship, "purges", and freedom Smirnova, Daria University of Oregon, The image of Saint Petersburg has influenced the imagination of Russian writers since the establishment of this city in Today, it is common to speak about the Petersburg Text in Russian literature that has its own Methadzovic, Almir University of Oregon, Education in post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina suffers from the serious consequences of ongoing ethno-national conflict.

My focus is segregated education in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina generally, particularly Butler, Michael University of Oregon, This work examines the use of ambiguous or obfuscating narrative devices in 3 works by 20th century Russian authors: Beginning inKoreans who received approval of the Russian authorities had begun to establish Korean villages in this region.

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During the s and s,European Studies Essays – Romanticism Brothers Grimm The Germany of the Brothers Grimm was not the Germany we know today. In the early s, the country we now call ‘Germany’ was basically a collection of separate entities.


European studies dissertations

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European studies dissertations

Prospective Students. Council for European Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowships in European Studies- Fund two months’ travel to Europe to conduct the exploratory phase of a projected dissertation project in the social sciences or humanities which will require a subsequent stay in Europe.

Region: European wide. MPhil/PhD Programme Research in European Studies For those of you with a passion for research, we offer supervision and a wealth of expertise on our MPhil/PhD in European Studies. The European Journal of Applied Physiology (EJAP) aims to promote mechanistic advances in human integrative and translational physiology.

Physiology is viewed broadly, having overlapping context with related disciplines such as biomechanics, biochemistry, endocrinology, ergonomics, immunology, motor control, and nutrition.

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