Expository essay on fear

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Expository essay on fear

At first glance, it might seem absurd; the fear of success is something a person in the modern success-oriented society can hardly confess to other people. Still, it remains a great problem for thousands of people all over the world. These are just some examples of the fear of success.

But what causes this fear? Why would someone be so afraid of reaching their dreams so badly that it would prevent them from even trying to do it?

Psychologists suggest several possible reasons for this. Susanne Babbel, a psychologist specializing in trauma and the post traumatic stress disorder, believes that the fear of success might have something in common with the fear of excitement and arousal, including sexual sensations.

For example, if excitement or arousal was experienced in relation to sexual trauma, the excitement of being close to achieving success might, in certain cases, be confused with the sensations connected to the trauma, and thus become undesired and feared; although, this is not always the case.

In other words, people who have undergone traumatic events can associate the feeling of success with the feeling of trauma, and in order to avoid exposing themselves to danger, they prefer to abstain themselves from accomplishing their goals, or achieving success otherwise Psychology Today.

Success has a more complicated nature than failure, and is connected to great uncertainty. Therefore, for some people, it feels safer to stay within known territory—in the situations they have got used to; success implies becoming exposed to criticism, evaluation, envy, new demands, social pressure, expectations, public scrutiny, and so on.

A person subconsciously anticipating all this may not feel prepared for this kind of challenge, so in order to feel safer, such a person prefers to not strive for success, but rather to stay where they are 99U.

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Another reason underlying the fear of success might seem insignificant at first glance, but it is still a serious problem for many people, especially in religious communities. This is the fear of appearing nonspiritual, materialistic, and egoistic. Success is often linked with money, and money in public consciousness is something that directly opposes spirituality, inner peace, self-development.

It is also important to remember about the fear of disappointment—the fear of success often goes hand-by-hand with it. The fear of success is a complicated phenomena, involving a number of smaller fears, misconceptions, and wrong convictions.

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Works Cited Babbel, Susanne.An expository essay consists of three parts - introduction, body, and conclusion. An introduction holds your thesis. This statement is a single (most often) sentence summary of what your entire paper is .

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Today gang’s and ex-convicts represent. Students will write a comparative essay critiquing the literary styles of two authors and their use of fear as a thematic focus.

Expository essay on fear

They will support their central claim with evidence from at least one film from class, one story from class and one film of their own choosing.

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Expository essay on fear

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Expository Essay ~ How Fear affects People’s Lives Explosions and gunfire pepper the air with the terrifying noises of war, as army men storm abandoned buildings, fear gripping their every cell.

Though not everyone has seen war, fear is one emotion we all have in common.

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