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Image Should there be guidelines around posting photos of kids on social media?

Innocent facebook

Innocent Voices is a passionately told dramatization of an ugly issue of war -- its impact on children.

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Chava Carlos Padilla is 11 years old and growing up in a small town in El Salvador where the fighting between rebels and government troops is a daily fact of life. Chava's father has abandoned the family, leaving him behind as the man of the house while his mother Leonor Varela and sister try to maintain a normal life by day while dodging bullets by night.

Chava's 12th birthday is coming up, which puts the boy in a dangerous position -- at 12, he'll be old enough to join the army and be used as cannon fodder against the rebels, so he and his classmates try to find out when military recruiters will be coming to their schools so they can plan to be absent that day.

However, as Chava faces both danger and adventure in his little town, the war edges in closer all the time until it can't be avoided any longer. Voces Inocentes aka Innocent Voices was the first Spanish-language film in 18 years for director Mandoki, who came to the United States after the international success of 's Gaby: R for disturbing violence and some language Genre:The menace of such deals, though, is clear: At worst, innocent people are stigmatized and unable to sue the state for false imprisonment, prosecutors keep unearned wins on their case records and.

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Innocent facebook

We make healthy drinks and give 10% of our profits to charity/5(). Cathryn Innocent is a freelance photographer based in Bristol, UK and a Falmouth University graduate. Opinion: I don’t care if the photos are innocent, don’t put my kids on Facebook.

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A SEEMINGLY innocent photo taken at Book Week turned into a debacle for Phyllis, when another mum posted it on. Innocent Drinks Ireland, Dublin, Ireland. 82, likes · talking about this.

Hello, we're innocent drinks in Ireland/5(76).

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Innocent facebook

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