Is it okay to lie for

Synthesis[ edit ] The traditional route to diimide involves oxidation of hydrazine with hydrogen peroxide or air.

Is it okay to lie for

Doctor Wells, has come from the State of Washington. Where do you live there. I live near Bucoda Sound, northwest corner of Washington State.

I really appreciate your coming all this way to talk about the issue.

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To get started, Doctor Wells, would you please explain a bit about your background and your occupation at the time of the Minority Report. And in particular I believe you're going to be addressing the evolution benchmark at standard three, benchmark three, at grades eight through twelve?

Yes, thank you for inviting me. I earned a bachelor's degree in physical science, which included mostly physics and geology in the late '60s from the University of California at Berkeley. Went on to get a Ph. And did my research there on the 19th century Darwinian controversies, the religious and theological.

A few years after that because of my interest in the Darwinian controversy, I went back to school, proof that I'm actually certifiably insane if you want to know the truth.

Maybe I shouldn't make jokes here. That's what people told me at the time. I went back and got a second Ph. Since then I have worked as a supervisor of a medical laboratory in California for a while.

Then was asked to come up to Seattle as a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute there. Could you tell us a bit about the Discovery Institute and your relationship to it now? The Discovery Institute is a public policy institute, not for profit institute.

It actually preexisted the current controversy.

Is it okay to lie for

It has projects that focus on regional cooperation between Oregon and Washington and British Columbia, specifically transportation issues, fishery issues, technology issues. And in the center for science and culture was founded at Discovery Institute specifically to address the Darwinian controversy in public education.

And I was invited to come up then as a senior fellow. Which is where I am now, I moved up in '98 with my family. I'm not an employee of the Discovery Institute.

I receive a research grant for which no goods or services are required. But obviously my interest in the institute-- reporter interruption. I have a fellowship-- a research fellowship in Discovery Institute, which does not require goods or services, so I'm not an employee. But the research I do is obviously of interest to the institute.

Could you describe a bit of that research?

Is it okay to lie for

Specifically in-- probably notoriously in I published a book "Icons of Evolution", in which I showed many of the major images used in biology textbooks as evidence for evolution and the facts do not fit the evidence. I first discovered-- the one I first discovered was the picture of embryos, which I'll talk about in a few minutes, because I was studying embryology.

And I would compare pictures with the embryos I was actually looking at and realized there's a discordance there.A transcript of the evolution hearings held by the Board of Education of Kansas in May Is It Ever Okay to Lie?

Do you think that there are times when it’s okay to lie?

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If so, when is it acceptable? The Father of Lies. We know where the first lie in history was told and by whom. It was Satan, or the devil. Satan first lied to humans in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2). He was the first liar.

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