It a wonderful life essay questions

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It a wonderful life essay questions

He may even go to jail.

It a wonderful life essay questions

Worse, this crisis is really the last straw for George, whose life has been filled with frustration and disappointment. To avoid what seems like the worst possible fate, he considers throwing himself off a bridge.

The Four Throughlines Dramatica considers a complete story to contain four throughlines, corresponding to four perspectives. The Overall Throughline, which concerns the majority of characters in the story world and the pursuit of the story goal.

The Relationship Throughline, which concerns the evolving relationship between the main and impact characters. Each of these throughlines operates in a different domain either Situation, Activity, Fixed Attitude, or Manipulation.

Each has its own concern, theme, problem, etc. In flashback, we learn about Mr. Gower, a pharmacist George worked for as a boy. In a moment of drunkenness and grief over the death of his son, Mr. Gower almost poisons a child by putting the wrong substance into some pills.

Fortunately, George notices the mistake and stops him. George saves their investment with a combination of talk and donating some money of his own. In other words, most of the characters in the story world experience crises which threaten their futures.

In Dramatica terms, we can say the Overall throughline falls into the Domain of Situation. It has a Problem of losing Control, and the solution is Uncontrolled that is, for the characters to surrender control and let someone else save them. Even as a boy, George dreams of leaving Bedford Falls, becoming an architect, seeing the world and generally having a more exciting life.

He works out detailed plans to make these dreams happen Problem of Logic. However, every time George has a chance to begin the life of his dreams, a crisis arises and George feels compelled to postpone his plans to help others.

As a result, he feels increasingly like a failure. In Dramatica terms, this makes him a Start character -- since he feels constant pressure for his real life to begin.

The Crucial Element in his character that undermines this is his compulsion to Help others. The primary concern of the main character throughline is whether George can give up his pipe dreams and recognize that he has actually created a wonderful life for himself with his wife, children, and community.

Impact Character Henry F. Potter Lionel Barrymore as Henry F. Potter, has a Crucial Character Element of Hinder. Potter is a wealthy man, intent on increasing his wealth at the expense of everyone else in the town.

He specializes in renting substandard homes for outrageous prices, and generally making it difficult for working people to fulfill the American Dream and enjoy a wonderful life of their own.

Fortunately, Potter does not have complete control over the housing market Problem of Control. As impact character, Potter is the one person who actually encourages George to pursue his ambitions and give up his need to help others.

Potter is an embodiment of the "me first" attitude. However it is not an example that is at all appealing, since Potter has no friends or family and is universally hated.

By default, the relationship throughline must be in the one remaining domain, Fixed Attitude, and this indeed seems to be the case. George and Potter have fixed but opposite attitudes towards lower income people.

George believes they deserve to have a decent, if not a wonderful life, while Potter does not. In Dramatica terms, this is a Problem of Conscience.

These generally follow the pattern of a four-part dramatic arc The Dramatica software goes a step further by assigning recommended themes for the signposts of each domain, the order of which may be different for each story.

Overall Arc The progression of the overall throughline is best described using the W-plot. Each signpost represents an act, and each act begins and ends with a major turning point or driver. With George contemplating suicide, his friends and relatives pray that he receives help.

From here on, much of the story is told in flashback.College Essay Three. The winter of my seventh grade year, my alcoholic mother entered a psychiatric unit for an attempted suicide.

Mom survived, but I would never forget visiting her at the ward or the complete confusion I felt about her attempt to end her life. The It’s A Wonderful Life Community Note includes chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis, character list, theme list, historical context, author biography and quizzes written by community members like you.

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"It's a Wonderful Life": A Dramatica Analysis