Law and nursing essay

Hire Writer A large number of patients in nursing homes are the elderly who are nearing the dawn of their lives. Given their physical status, one cannot find it reasonable to handle the elderly with rashness or with rigorous enforcement of activities Murtaugh, Kemper and Spillman,

Law and nursing essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section Law and nursing essay get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. When defining an ethical dilemma, the Royal College of Nursing RCN bring a human element to the definition and explain how choices are made with the consideration personal feelings, principles, beliefs and personal opinion of what is good or bad within a situation Jones, Nurses are faced with many more ethical problems on a day to day basis within health care environments than ordinary members of the community and the increasing variety of ethical issues that arise within modern nursing practice is why it is essential that nurses study law and ethics Edwards, The literature suggests nurses are far more likely to experience ethical dilemmas on a daily basis and often these ethical problems are associated with legal issues.

It is also imperative that registered nurses have a sound legal knowledge and understand the legal consequences of their actions Dingwall, Chaloner believes that understanding ethics within nursing is essential to providing skilled nursing care in practice.

The advances in modern medicine have directly affected the role of nurses and as a result nurses are now faced with decision making that may conflict their own moral values Edwards, The study of ethics can enhance nursing practice by ensuring that nurses have the skills and knowledge to tackle ethical dilemmas and the study of ethics also helps to develop nurses own personal moral values and beliefs, ensuring that they are able to make ethical decisions with a higher quality of reasoning Allmark, This assignment will also examine the moral theories and principles that affect every day nursing practice and will examine the rationale for reflective practice in nursing.

Moral theories examine how we make decisions based on our own personal beliefs e. Edwards identifies three influential moral theories that are often related to nursing practice; Utilitarianism, Deontology and virtue theory.

Utilitarianism theories were originally devised by J. Bentham [] and J. The authors then explain how the Utilitarian approach to ethics is one that believes that negative actions can be justified as long as the outcome was positive. Edwards gives an example of how the Utilitarian theory relates to ethical decision making in nursing by describing a terminally ill patient in constant pain.

Edwards then continues to discuss how the Utilitarian approach with regards to care for this patient would be based upon opting for the course of treatment that would result in the least amount of pain, regardless of other consequences. Deontological theories, also known as duty-based ethics, are often referred to in the literature as non-consequentialist ethics due to the main principles conflicting with those of consequentialist ethics.

The key elements of deontology can be simplified as shown below, stated by the BBC: The deontological approach is also criticised by Noble-Adams due to the fact that following stringent moral rules, as is common with this approach, make it difficult to choose the right course of action.

Edwards agrees with the criticisms made by Noble-Adams and believes that it is extremely difficult to foresee the consequences of particular acts and also notes how Utilitarianism can often lead to a lack of truth telling p.

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Edwards explores the limitations of the deontologist theory in more detail than Noble-Adams by firstly discussing the difficulties in understanding the work of philosopher Kant p. Edwards gives an example of how lying could be ethically justified within the text by using a hypothetical situation where an innocent relative or friend could be at risk and the only way to protect them would be to tell a lie.

Edwards offers further criticisms suggesting that the literature behind the theory is inadequate and also states that he believes the deontological theory to be inappropriate in the health care setting.

Chaloner believes these established theories to be fundamental to ethical decision making in practice and suggests that by studying these concepts and principles, nurses can make an ethical analysis when faced with ethical dilemmas.

Edwards writes of the principle-based approach to ethics in which nurses are encouraged to focus on the four moral principles identified by Beauchamp and Childress p. They offer a set of moral principles that they believe should function as a basis for ethics within nursing as follows; respect for autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice.

Law and Ethics in Nursing Essay Sample

However, Meetoo relates the principled approach to the topic within his article addressing each of the four principles in detail, yet he is reluctant to promote the use of one ethical framework. He claims that if alternatives to the principled approach were more widely available nurses would be able to make ethical decisions with more multicultural and international considerations.

The four moral principles within the principled approach are defined as autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice. Thus to be autonomous is to be free to make our own decisions and be in control of our own lives McParland et al, The principle of justice in relation to nursing requires being just and fair to all patients and respecting their human rights and dignity Hussey, This directly relates to the principled approach to nursing practice, as to protect and safeguard an individual is part of ensuring they are able to make independent well informed decisions as stipulated by the NMC Code of Conduct McParland et al suggest that one of the ways in which nurses can ensure they respect autonomy in practice is by ensuring patients and their families are given relevant information relating to their care and encouraged to make their own decisions, regardless of the potential outcomes or the moral values the nurse may have.

Beauchamp and Childress also discuss how respecting autonomy involves the obligations to respect the decisions of others and allow others to be self-governing. The principle of autonomy directly links with non-maleficence and beneficence when it comes to ethical decision making within nursing practice and a good example of this can be found when examining the literature relating to covert medication.

Another notable example of how the four principles conflict in nursing practice is that of nurses being advocates for patients and McParland et al gives the example of how a nurse may explain a procedure to a patient that they may not have understood when explained by another healthcare professional.This essay has been submitted by a law student.

This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Law And Ethics In Nursing Introduction. Tingle and Cribb () identify that one of the key areas that highlights the development and maturing of nursing practice within recent years is that there is more of a focus on.

Law and Ethics in Nursing Essay Sample. According to Edwards () “Ethical problems are faced continuously in our day to day lives.” He then goes on to discuss various examples of the types of ethical issues many individuals can face during a typical day, such as a homeless person asking for money for food and explains how this common dilemma has an ethical dimension to it that most.

Law, Ethics & Accountability for Nurses. Introduction In this assignment, I will be discussing about the ethical issues abounded in nursing practice.4/4(4). Nursing Shortages in Texas Require New Law Essay  Nursing Shortages in Texas Require New Legislature Mary Sanc G C U Ethics, Policy and Finance in Health Care System NUR Dr.

April 1, Nursing Shortages in Texas Require New Legislature There is a shortage of nurses nationwide, and there is an increase in the number of people in the.

Law and nursing essay

Law and Ethics in Nursing Essay Sample. According to Edwards () “Ethical problems are faced continuously in our day to day lives.” He then goes on to discuss various examples of the types of ethical issues many individuals can face during a typical day, such as a homeless person asking for money for food and explains how this common dilemma has an ethical dimension to it that most.


Law and nursing essay

Summative Assessment A word discursive essay on an ethical and/or legal subject. Title of assignment: What are the legal and ethical implications involved in the ethical dilemma of a paranoid schizophrenia refusing treatment resulting in .

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