Module 4 lesson 5 writing and solving linear equations

These classes cover the major concepts taught in middle school, as well as a number of topics that we feel are not given adequate attention in the regular school curriculum. This will lay an extremely strong foundation to allow the students to excel in their academic endeavors. These classes will cover topics from four levels of mathematics:

Module 4 lesson 5 writing and solving linear equations

Student selects numbers versus writing them; selection of correct answer is done after a model; student points to each part of the equation when asked to touch the slope or the y-intercept Have students graph linear equations using high interest manipulatives e.

One way to help assist in a special educator's development within this curricular area is through collaboration with other teachers in your building. Some activities with real world connection include: Locating points on a map that has a grid like an atlas Determining how many miles you can travel on a certain number of gallons of gas e.

Students will increase their vocabulary to include concepts related to "linear". In addition, they will be learning concepts such as: Fluency in reading, writing, and math Students will have an opportunity to increase their numeracy and sight word fluency while participating in problem solving related to "linear equations" such as number recognition, counting, one-to-one correspondence, and reading concepts that include the use and understanding of descriptors related to slope.

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Age appropriate social skills Students will engage in peer groups to solve problems related to "linear equations" that will provide practice on increasing reciprocal communication and age appropriate social interactions.

For example, students might work together with their peers to enter an equation into a graphing calculator Independent work behaviors By solving real life problems related to "linear equations" students will improve work behaviors that could lead to employment such as marketing or any job that has to analyze sales rates, stock clerks, order fillers, and other construction based professions.

Skills in accessing support systems At times, students will need to ask for assistance to complete activities related to "linear equations" which will give them practice in accessing supports.

Students will gain practice asking for tools such as graphing calculators, or other manipulatives. They can ask a peer to complete the physical movements of the tasks they are not about to do themselves.

Be sure to teach students to ask versus having items or supports automatically given to them. In addition to collaborating with other educational professionals in your building, the following list of resources may also help provide special educators with ideas for activities or support a more thorough understanding of the mathematical concepts presented in this content module.

Simply search for your content area and this websites provides a variety of videos including videos of math experts working through math problems step by step free registration required http: After answering the assessment questions, you may want to review the key to check your work.Solving Linear Equations Unit Guide Math 8 Big Idea (Cluster): Engage NY Grade 8 Module 4 Lesson 5 (optional) Students will apply knowledge of geometry to writing and solving linear equations lausannecongress2018.com7 Engage NY Grade 8 Module 4.


module 4 lesson 5 writing and solving linear equations

LearnZillion is a great resource to use for teachers who wish to refresh their knowledge of mathematical content as well as instructors who wish to deepen their understanding of what the content standards of the CCSS for Mathematics mean.

Mathematics Curriculum GRADE 8 • MODULE 4 Lesson 5: Writing and Solving Linear Equations NYS COMMON CORE MATHEMATICS CURRICULUM 8•4 Lesson . Watch videos and practice your skills for almost any math subject. Module 4 Lessons 1–9. Lesson 1: Writing Equations Using Symbols 8•4 G8-M4-Lesson 1: Writing Equations Using Symbols Write each of the following statements using symbolic language.

1. George is four years older than his sister Sylvia. Lesson 4: Solving a Linear Equation 8•4 I need to check my answer in the original equation.

Eureka Math: A Story of Functions Module 3: Linear and Exponential Functions Module 4: G9-M1 Lesson 12 Solving Equations.

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