Organizational culture the case of turkish

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Organizational culture the case of turkish

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In this condition hospitals, as a business, make an effort to gain above average returns while serving the health services. According to the literature, one of the substantial intangible forces that affect performance is organizational culture.

Organizational culture the case of turkish

Thus, this study aims to identify the dominant organizational culture types of private and public hospitals while make a comparison between their effects on business performance.

To examine the research questions a questionnaire survey performed, and data collected from employees of 99 hospitals which are located in large cities of Turkey are analysed by using SPSS 15 program.

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Upper Saddle River, NJ: Research and Perspectives on Healthcare, 81 1: Evaluation and the Health Professions, JSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. Nov 18,  · A brief case study of the organizational culture at Walmart looking at the values, norms, and artifacts of the worlds largest retailer.

Purpose – The main stimulus of this study is to examine the cultural profile of construction organizations within the context of Turkish construction industry.

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Organizational culture: the case of Turkish construction industry Ela Oney-Yazıcı, Heyecan Giritli, Gulfer Topcu-Oraz and Emrah Acar DepartmentofArchitecture.

Nov 22,  · The Turkish case challenges such essentialist views by demonstrating that despite some isolated events, Turkey succeeds in managing religious diversity because the perception of Islam has developed in connection with a variety of current and historical events.

Going against the national cultural grain: A longitudinal case study of organizational culture change in Turkish higher education.

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