Red bull research

From conducting this report it was found that Red Bull energy drink is facing some problems, the main one of which is the negative media that it has been receiving. However both primary and secondary research shown that negative publicity does not affect buyer behaviour to a great extent. Secondary research clearly states that Red Bull contains excessive amount of chemicals, some publications even compare it to highly addictive drugs as well as blaming the product for some deaths.

Red bull research

The origin of Red Bull dates back to where the original formula was developed by Chaleo Yoovidhya, a Thai businessman, and sold under the name Krating Daeng by a local pharmaceutical company to treat jetlag and boost energy for truck drivers.


The Thai product was transformed into a global brand by Dietrich Mateschitz, an Austrian entrepreneur. Red Bull is sold as an energy drink to combat mental and physical fatigue.

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A sugar-free version has been available since the beginning of The drink tastes of citrus and herbs, and is commonly used as a mixer in alcoholic drinks such as Raspberry Stoli Vodka or base ingredient in the famous Jagerbomb.

It has become extremely popular over the recent years with almost 1 billion ml cans sold in to more than 3 billion cans sold in in over countries.

Active ingredients include, but not limited to, 27g of sugar, mg of taurine, B-complex vitamins, and 80mg of caffeine - which is a little less than the amount of caffeine found in an average cup of coffee and about two times as much caffeine as many leading cola drinks.

Core Competency and Market Red Bull specializes in energy drinks. Energy Drink market is a new age market segment began producing wide category of functional beverages with exotic ingredients like Ginseng, Biloba, and Echinacea.

Red bull research

Because of the growing craze over energy drinks, the number of energy drink brands has been increasing steadily as everyone wants to take advantage of the expanding market. Although this market segment is small compared to other drinks segments such as soft drinks and alcohols, this is the fastest market category.

Red Bull blazed the U. Red Bull enjoyed 10 years of success in the European market before bringing.Do you know what you're drinking?

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Discover the different Red Bull ingredients, including the new flavors - and whether or not they are safe. Dietrich Mateschitz, cofounder of Red Bull.

Vladimir Rys/Getty Images With an estimated net worth of over $16 billion, Red Bull cofounder and CEO Dietrich Mateschitz is the wealthiest person in.

Red Bull (engl. „roter Stier“) ist ein Energy-Drink des österreichischen Unternehmens Red Bull seiner Einführung im Jahr wurden weltweit mehr als 70 Milliarden (Stand: ) Dosen des Getränks verkauft, was es zum mit Abstand meistverkauften Energy-Drink der Welt macht.

Red Bull Advanced Technologies; More; WED Time to show your shoeys! Since he first filled his boots with sparkling wine and glugged the fizzy, warm and admittedly pretty funky brew in celebration of his 13th career podium at the , the Shoey has become Daniel's trademark tipple.

View. Marketing Research on Red Bull Energy Drink in Vietnam Market Words | 7 Pages. Marketing Research on Red Bull Energy Drink in Vietnam Market – World Essay 1 – Objective: Nowadays, energy drink’s becoming an important part in food market holding great .

In , energy drink company Red Bull considered purchasing the Jaguar Formula One (F1) racing team from Ford Motor Company. F1 was the pinnacle of international auto racing, and Red Bull had previously sponsored F1 teams and drivers.

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