Souvenirs porcelain and italian espresso maker

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Souvenirs porcelain and italian espresso maker

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Tauck's literature helpfully suggests giving any gratuities on an individual basis, and not as a group. We tipped more than the recommended amounts because we felt both Giorgio and the driver Julio were exceptionally hard workers, which contributed greatly to the success of the tour.

We tipped both of them with Euros, although others used U. The driver was tipped when we arrived in Florence on Day 9, as that was his last time with us. The tour director was tipped by most people at their convenience in Venice. There was no tacky gratuity envelope provided.

Some used the hotel envelope; some passed cash during a handshake; others bought a card from a local shop and included a personal thank-you note. Gratuities were not included for meals taken on our own, or for taxi rides tips are not yet expected for taxi rides, but are increasingly appreciated.

Check to see if "servizio" service is included in the bill or not. A "coperto" cover charge is commonly added anywhere you sit down; it covers table service, bread and cutlery.

Extra Expenses Not included in the tour price: There were no optional excursions offered, which was a bit of a contrast to most other non-Tauck Tours I have taken. But this was fine with everyone, as our itinerary was very comprehensive, and included the things that most other companies call "optional".

Shopping An obvious difference with Tauck Tours is that they don't make specific shopping stops as a group at any tourist traps. This is a big advantage over other tours! Those shopping stops can be quite a waste of time, overpriced, and boring. The generous free time on this tour allowed plenty of time in all towns to do any shopping on our own.

There is not really any routine haggling over prices in Italy. However, after finding out a price, you can always ask if they can do any better.

Some of the shops are obviously catering to the tourists, but these are interspersed among shops frequented by the true locals. Beautiful crafts that are produced locally in Italy include alabaster and stone, paper and papier mache, ceramics, coral, filigree, wood, lace, leatherporcelain, and glass.

Many shops close for a mid-day break from Water It is safe to drink tap water in the hotels.

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Bottled water is easy to find. Buy a few bottles to take back to the hotel. Many take-out cafes and gelato shops sell it.

Souvenirs porcelain and italian espresso maker

Avoid using the bottled water supplied by the hotel in the rooms; it is tremendously overpriced. Chilled bottles of water were always available on the coach also. It was convenient to grab a bottle while stepping off the coach to see a site, or returning to the coach after a hot afternoon.

At most places where you are served or sold bottled water, they will ask you if you would like still naturale or non-gassata or sparkling frizzante or gassata. Most of it is mineral water.

If you prefer ice, you will have to ask for it.

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