Stock market development economic growth

Information acquisition about firms; e. Basically, liquidity refers to the ease with which an asset in this case securities can be turned into cash. The liquidity role stands out clearly as the most significant among the numerous functions provided by the stock market.

Stock market development economic growth

Additional Information Abstract In the recent past, with the phenomenal growth of equity markets, a burgeoning number of policy makers and researchers began to query about the possible impact that equity market development might have on economic growth. Indeed, an overwhelming number of studies have been carried out worldwide to investigate the links which might exist between stock market development and economic growth.

Project MUSE - Stock market development and economic growth: Evidence from Mauritius

As a result, this has strengthened the view that stock markets around the world play a key role in fueling a powerful and resilient economy. However, most of these studies have focused solely on developed countries and not on developing countries or small island developing economies like Mauritius.

Stock market development economic growth

As such, since studies analyzing this link in the African region are rather scant, this paper endeavors to scrutinize the relationship between equity market development and economic growth in Mauritius. To this end, this paper analyzes the relationship between stock market development, banking development and economic growth in a unified framework using semi-annual data for the periodthrough a dynamic Vector Error Correction Model VECM.

Moreover, this model divulges both the direct and the indirect impacts, if any, which stock market development might have on economic growth. Possible determinants of stock market development and the effect of stock market development on the control variables are also analyzed through the VECM.

The results suggest that stock market development does play an important role in generating gains in terms of economic growth in the long run in the island. In the short run however, stock market development fails to significantly boost economic growth in Mauritius.

The relationship between stock market development and economic growth

Moreover, stock market development is also seen to indirectly stimulate economic growth in the short run, through banking development. Interestingly, banking development is seen to have a positive impact on economic growth, both in the short run and in the long run.

This indicates that banking development and stock market development both complement each other. As such, it is believed that further steps have to be taken to promote stock market development in the island, with the aim of boosting both the economy and the banking sector in the long run.

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View freely available titles:growth has a positive effect on stock market development, while interest rate has a negative effect on stock market development in France. Key words: Stock market development, economic growth.

Stock Market and Economic Growth in Eastern Europe — Economics E-Journal

Most studies on the relationship between foreign direct investments (FDI) and financial market development focus on financial market development as a link between FDI and economic growth. Nigerian stock market development is positively and strongly a ssociated with long-term economic growth.

This implies that Nigerian policymakers should make concerted efforts at removing obstacles to stock market development while creating and sustaining an. In examining how well a stock market performs in relation to other stock markets and primarily in relation to the role it is expected to play in facilitating economic growth and development, certain measures are employed.

The stock market plays a pivotal role in the growth of an economy to a great extent. The study investigates the relationship between stock market development and economic growth in five SAARC countries: Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka and Nepal using collected secondary data of 15 years for the period of – 83 growth-led finance hypothesis.

According to this hypothesis economic growth promotes the development of financial sectors i.e., when there is economic enhancement then it results in.

The relationship between stock market development and economic growth