The keys to launching a successful brand extension

It launched a new brand that created a new category. MiO and Kraft defied the odds. Creating a new brand is an expensive and difficult task and innovation of any kind is too often associated with blind risks and leaps of faith. The data speaks to the challenges:

The keys to launching a successful brand extension

New York-based art director Larry Mayorga offers some pointers. Shares Everyone knows what a successful brand looks like, but creating a new brand that chimes with the public is challenging to say the least.

Graphic designer and art director Larry Mayorga draws on his years of experience to offer some advice on how to go about it Branding is about people Good branding starts with people.

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People need reasons to buy or use, as humans we need to feel part of something bigger. Brands need strong guiding principles at the very heart of everything they do. Consumers are armed with knowledge, education and technology and we play a very active role on the course of these brands.

Design is not the only consideration Good design plays an integral role but design only doesn't make a brand.

Design is one more ingredient that combined with humanity, intelligence and science make for a great and more engaged experience.

The pleasure of recognising a logo and its promise delivered makes it for satisfaction to both the brand and the consumer. The visual language should continue the conversation in a consistent manner. Branding is a two-way process It's easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.

Traditional marketers think of the consumers as robotic entities. Brands matter Brands are personality and uniqueness therefore they add value, they provoke interest, have tremendous economic and social influence.

Brands are a matter of context The message is not the brand, branding creates context. By investing in the brand and creating appropriate context, the effectiveness of your messaging, advertising and communications campaign β€” and, by extension, your budget β€” is greatly enhanced and the chance of your targeted consumer actually acting on your message is substantially improved.

Thus your campaign spend goes the extra mile over that of your competitor's. Branding is content Content, such as promotional material, is critical to the success of a branding project, but brands cannot create masses of content and expect their message to resonate.

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Branding is also a journey Branding does not follow a clearly defined path, brands need to walk along consumers to find its own destination. Larry Mayorga is a graphic designer and art director based in New York City.

He has more than 13 years of experience working in the field and is currently senior designer at Terry Koppel Design.An appropriate line-extension strategy for a brand requires the discipline to evaluate the true costs, in terms of both immediate economic considerations and long-term impact on brand .

The keys to launching a successful brand extension

A company using brand extension hopes to leverage its existing customer base and brand loyalty to increase its profits with a new product offering.” (Investopedia) β€œIn theory, launching a successful brand extension should be easy. All you have to do is take a familiar name and slap it on a new product in another category.

Brand extension refers to the use of a successful brand name to launch a new or modified product in a same broad market. A successful brand helps a company enter new product categories more easily.

For example, Fairy (owned by Unilever) was extended from a washing up liquid brand to become a washing powder brand too. The Two Secrets of Brand Extension Success How fit and leverage can help you EXCEL where others fail.

Clorox found brand extension success by focusing on categories where consumers gave it permission to extend. The next step after deciding whether to launch a new extension or an entirely new brand is to establish your brand positioning.

Here are three things you have to establish in order to have a clear brand positioning. Successful brand extensions are not that easy to identify, develop and position. Just sticking a known name on a new product does not guarantee its success.

If it were that easy, companies with national brands would not have so much difficulty in launching big new product successes.

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