The reasons why the community college of qatar ccq should not be coeducation

You have to decide what is best for you. Some students simply prefer single-sex schools while others prefer co-ed schools.

The reasons why the community college of qatar ccq should not be coeducation

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There are different varieties of English spoken in different parts of the world, and people learn and use them in different ways. The most likely candidates are the inner circle varieties, perhaps American and British English after all.

The important thing here is that, whatever variety is chosen, it should be done after careful consideration. Even if in the end a person chooses the same variety that he or she has been using, carefully making the most appropriate choice and maintaining the status quo are qualitatively different and will influence other pedagogical decisions differently.

Students also need to know that what they are learning is just a variety of English, not the only correct English, and it may differ from Englishes that they will encounter in the future.

The reasons why the community college of qatar ccq should not be coeducation

EIL users are typically fluent in one national or regional variety of English and then use it with various communicative strategies to facilitate international intelligibility. I would say that it is not about being politically correct, but it is about being realistic.

Whether one likes it or not, the reality is there are people who speak different kinds of English, and this is the reality we prepare our students for.

Note EIL English as an international language here refers to the function that English performs in multilingual, international contexts, rather than a linguistic variety. See Friedrich and Matsuda for more on this distinction. When five words are not enough: A conceptual and terminological discussion of English as a lingua franca.

International Multilingual Research Journal, 4, 20— Aya Matsuda is associate professor of applied linguistics at Arizona State University. Her research focuses on the use and status of English as an international language and its pedagogical implications, and her work has appeared in several leading journals as well as a number of edited collections.

An educational initiative supporting that goal is the Community College of Qatar CCQestablished in ; it has become extremely popular among those already employed who want to increase their workplace competitiveness or raise their cumulative average to enter a university.

In time, the community began to express some practical concerns, which resulted in two initiatives. The students are willing to dedicate one year to improving their English language skills, but then want to matriculate in their specialty.

In addition, an Arabic strand was established in for students interested in majors like Shariah law or sociology.

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Those interested in the fields of science and technology, or in working in international firms overseas, continue to enroll in academic courses taught in English.

Therefore, in an attempt to be more sensitive to the context of her learners, the presenter asked 45 students to respond to a questionnaire. Qatar Petroleum employs 3 students, and 2 students work in security at the Museum of Islamic Art. The army employs 1 student, and a health center another. EIL principles guide the presenter and fellow educators as they implement the initiatives in their classroom and strive to prepare their students from their context for a future of success.

Pros and Cons of Single Sex Schools

Five students wrote that as a result of their studies at CCQ they could discuss things with the multinational staff at work and three said they could talk now with the customers in English. Some conversation strategies to be mastered include clarification, repetition, and routines such as agreeing or turn-taking and learning to anticipate differences in support of the skill of negotiation Hu, In response to questions on a variety of topics, the interviewees commented five times that grammar was important.

Grammar is a sure foundation upon which to build EIL competence and nurture student confidence because Standard English grammar forms differ little around the globe Gupta, The four features students need to know are inflectional morphology; verb structure, especially auxiliary verbs; questions using do and the inversion of subject and verb; and negatives.

As English is used mainly among nonnative English speakers to communicate and not with native English speakers, this indicates what variety of pronunciation to expose students to. In anticipation of the expanding trade with Asian countries, perhaps Qatari students need to be exposed to the variety of English used in Asian countries soon to sign the ASEAN treaty, predicted to ignite an explosion of trade activitywhere, for example, vowel length does not vary and long and short vowels are the same length, or there are no consonant clusters at the end of words world becomes wor Kirkpatrick,p.

Other principles include exposing students to alternatives. In addition, the focus should be on Standard English as it is used, not as some say it should be used.

To achieve the above goals, materials and strategies should model communication among nonnative English speakers. Teaching must demonstrate respect for local context and the way learning takes place in that context.

This may even include appreciation for the technique of memorization, which Dr.

Cambridge Language Teaching Library.Request PDF on ResearchGate | Same, different, equal: Rethinking single-sex schooling | Although coeducation has been the norm within private and public schools since the s, single-sex. In the assessment (quizzes and exams), students with Dyslexia should be given extra time, “at least, a half an hour for each hour".

Provide a quiet place during the quizzes or exams (not in the same room with other students, or a place of distraction). The Reasons Why the Community College of Qatar (CCQ) Should Not Be Coeducation. words. 2 pages.

The reasons why the community college of qatar ccq should not be coeducation

An Argument Against the Three Reasons A-Rod Shouldn't Be Banned from the Game of Baseball in Jon Paul Morosi's A-Rod Doesn't Deserve Lifetime Ban. words. 2 pages. It's not the only school in Qatar with Texas ties.

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There's a Qatar branch of Houston's Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions, and Houston Community College supplies the faculty and curriculum for the Community College of Qatar, the first institution of its kind in the country.

The community college of Qatar CCQ is consider to be one of kind in Qatar, and it only serves citizens of Qatar. Moreover, it gives a second chance for boys and girls who miss the chance to finish their degree for any reason.

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