Thesis statement for prohibition research paper

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Thesis statement for prohibition research paper

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. The way to hell is paved with good intentions. Prohibition even if it had have began with good intentions, which it did not, was a sadly misplaced piece of tactical and strategical idiocy in history.

For one, even if it did begin with good intentions, it did not understand two things. The nature of the demon drink and it's hold on people and the fact that it was a perfectally legal product before prohibition-sanctioned by millenia of testing and confirmation of society-it was a human tradition, not necissarilly harmful, for countless generations.

The nature of drink's hold on people is either they are not harmed by it, or if addicted alcoholics then banning is not the answer. All they did was brew their own. Also that it had been accepted since the caveman days, it was an almost impossible task to police. It left society open to racketeers like Al Capone.

It created a huge web of corruption and speakeasies. The law was looked down upon by almost everyone. Respect for the law went out the window and thus crime flourished. Because unlike illegal drugs, alcohol is connected to the digestive system and it's limitations and thus has limits of physics and also is not as nearly as dangerous as illegal drugs-it is possible, nay, it happens a lot that people take it as a social drink and no harm is done.

Except maybe to the health, but not all the time. Hence the banning of a previous perfectally legal, socially acceptable by most classes and cateogories of society, something that is basically a food and of great and honorable antiquety made not for reform, but for mayhem. This is if it were started with even the best intentions.

But it was not even started with good intenions. It was started mainly by two groups of people. The religous right and the temperence alliance mostly of prudish women.

It is true that some drinking did damage families. But the way to deal with this was to get the individuals off the drink by their own choice the only way possible-as proven by AA and to help the families.

But these people did not have the interests of the families at heart. There was no policy for helping families or the afflicted alcoholics themselves.

The only motive, the only policies, were the banning of something, the enforcement against something, that they didn't like, didn't agree with and their beliefs led them to intolerance for. Prohobition was not the way to hell paved with good intentions, it was the way to hell paved with straight out bad intenions.

For prohibition clearly did not work. It produced crime, disrespect for the law and general resentment. And it didn't stop the sale and consumption of alcohol.

Thesis statement for prohibition research paper

If anything it was like a bow bending back an arrow. The further you bend back the bow, the more distance-more reaction, and the bow must be bent back eventually-the arrow will travel. What they did was to mess up things by interferring in people's lives, people's personal morality-a matter exclusively between them and God.

They made a grievous religous era. God is the only being capable of moral judgement. As moral accountability is a matter of the heart the intentions.

It is by this you will get to heaven or hell. And God judges by the heart. Many years ago a creature attempted to usurp the provinces of God.

He too, like prohibition failed. His name was Lucifer. And what it took to begin and find the cure of the problem of alcoholism? What it found to really help turn alcoholics off the drink? It was two alcoholics themselves who came up with the right solution.

Bill Williams and Bob Smith.

Thoughts and Analysis from the Modern Perspective

Trust me on this-I know.A. AGS Ethics Committee, Physician-Assisted Suicide and Voluntary Active Euthanasia. Journal of American Geriatrics Society, May , 43(5) Keywords. Research ethics, moral dilemmas in research, nature of nursing, nursing research, nursing advocacy.

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In a research essay, the thesis statement answers the research question and gives the major reasons for the answer. Research question: Was prohibition effective and why/why not?

Thesis: Prohibition in the s was ineffective because many Americans did not support it, it was difficult to enforce, and it caused an increase in all types of crime. Process Paper and Thesis Statement; Process Paper. Prohibition The National Prohibition of alcohol in the U.S. was banned.

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The production, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages were illegal. The movement began in the mid nineteenth century. Eventually there was a law passed, it was known as the 18th amendment in the United States.

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